Welcome to the West Virginia Tree Minders!

Here you will learn how to take care of your urban and community trees and canopy.

This series of courses is designed to be self-guiding, with options for in-person or virtual supplemental training.  Additional reading and activities are not required but are helpful to enrich your knowledge.  Quizzes at the end of courses ensure that you grasp the main concepts.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact Extension Agent Liz Moss: elizabeth.moss@wvstateu.edu.

WV Tree Minders Tier I: Basics of Tree Care

WV Tree Minders Tier I: Basics of Tree Care

Tier I provides an introduction to the field of urban and community forestry and ecosystem services.  Participants will also learn basic concepts in tree biology, basic tree pruning, stock selection, site assessment, and proper planting.